International Mime Charity

The International Huda Mime Academy of Los Angeles has announced the launch of the International Mime Charity. The purpose of the Mime Academy is to normalize the treatment of needy children who are born with lip cleft lip and foot club.

Quazi Moshoorul Huda, an international mime artist, researcher, inventor of mime therapy, and the founder of the academy, stated that every human being has the right to be able to laugh.

No one should be deprived of that privilege due to having a disability and thus it should not disrupt life’s journeys because of clubfoot, for experiencing the fundamentals of life is necessary for mime artists especially. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to overcome these obstacles in life. Bangladesh Huda Mime Club will engage in the management of the charity for the treatment of needy children in Bangladesh.

Huda reached out to all mime artists in Bangladesh and said that creating awareness in the society is the charity, if they are found disable kids with lips cleft or clubfoot, they should inform Sohag Ashraf, the director of Bangladesh Huda Mime Club, and the international mime charity would take care of their treatment.

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